Request Information

URI Parameters

System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[Connections.API.Areas.HelpPage.ModelDescriptions.ParameterDescription] IList
metricOwnerid globally unique identifier Required

Guid ID of the metric owner to be read.

metricid string

Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description (MetricOwner)

System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection`1[Connections.API.Areas.HelpPage.ModelDescriptions.ParameterDescription] IList
MetricID globally unique identifier Required

ID of the given metric.

IndividualID globally unique identifier Required

Individual ID of the owner of the given metric.

ID globally unique identifier ReadOnly

ID of the metric owner for the given metric.

MetricName string ReadOnly

Name of the given metric

FirstName string ReadOnly

First name of the individual.

LastName string ReadOnly

Last name of the individual.

FullName string ReadOnly

Full name of the individual.

Email string ReadOnly

Email address of the individual.

SiteID globally unique identifier ReadOnly

ID of the site for the given metric owner.

Response Formats

application/xml, text/xml

<MetricOwner xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <MetricName>sample string 1</MetricName>
  <FirstName>sample string 2</FirstName>
  <LastName>sample string 3</LastName>
  <FullName>sample string 4</FullName>
  <Email>sample string 5</Email>

application/json, text/json

  "MetricID": "2a7f4f01-b616-4637-a024-6db3203017f5",
  "IndividualID": "8b19b7c3-6eec-4e7b-b20a-dcc9ddb214ea",
  "ID": "43fe54e5-876d-440a-ba33-74b8fc6b3689",
  "MetricName": "sample string 1",
  "FirstName": "sample string 2",
  "LastName": "sample string 3",
  "FullName": "sample string 4",
  "Email": "sample string 5",
  "SiteID": "7d7f0f39-5d6f-4229-828e-a166a9b636b1"